Rate Calculator

Reading Your Bill

Water usage and sewer usage are billed four times per year on a combined billing statement for rate payers on town water and town sewer.

In the middle of the billing statement, you will notice a row of numbers similar to this example:

  Previous Present Usage Charges
Current Meter: 481200 484800 3600 $151.68
  • The first number listed is your past meter (Previous) reading in cubic feet (CF).
  • The second number is your current meter (Present) reading in cubic feet (CF).
  • The third number is the total amount of water you have consumed (Usage) in cubic feet (CF).
  • The fourth number listed is the cost (Charges) of the water used.

Note: The numbers used are from an example bill. Actual numbers will vary.

Calculating Water Usage

Your water meter measures and records water usage in cubic feet. Water billing is calculated by the unit, with each unit equal to 100 cubic feet. There are 7.48 gallons in one cubic foot of water, or 748 gallons in each hundred-cf unit of water.

To calculate how many gallons you have used, multiply the hundred-cf units consumed by 748.

In our example, a rate payer has used 3600 cubic feet, or 36 hundred-cf units of water.

  • 36 X 748 = 26,928 gallons consumed.

Computing Your Bill