Source Water Protection

Watershed Protection

By protecting land around well sites we are able to maintain high quality drinking water. This prevents possible contaminants from reaching drinking water sources.

  • Shattuck Well (65.8 acres)
  • Gibbet Hill Water Storage Tank (1.5 acres)
  • Baddacook Pond Well (5.9 acres)
  • Whitney Pond Well (72.4acres)
  • Brooks Orchard Water Storage Tank (4.0 acres)
  • Rocky Hill (Future Water Tank Site) (1.85 acres)
  • Dead River (Future Well Site) (10.0 acres)

SWAP Report

The Source Water Assessment Program was established by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection at the direction of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. This most-recent report for the Groton Water Department was conducted in 2002.

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Zone II Protection Area Maps

Zone II (marked in orange) is the primary recharge area for the aquifer, as defined by hydrogeologic studies approved by state DEP.

Whitney Wells

Baddacook Well