Seasonal Water Main Flushing Notice

Due to the status of the current drought we are experiencing in northeastern Massachusetts and in Groton, the Groton Water Department will be unable to flush the water distribution system this Fall. The Groton Water Department typically flushes the water system twice a year in the spring and in the fall. The Department of Environmental Protection encourages all water systems to flush their water mains twice per year. At the Groton Water Department, we take this recommendation very seriously as it improves the water quality we deliver to you.

Flushing the water system will remove any iron and manganese that may enter the system from our sources at the Whitney Pond Wells. The heavy summer pumping demands typically introduce more iron and manganese from our sources in the wells. Flushing the water systems removes any accumulated iron and manganese in the pipes. During the winter months, less water is pumped and therefore less iron and manganese enters the system. The Baddacook Pond Well has an iron and manganese removal system in place prior to entering water system.

Flushing Groton’s water distribution system is a complex process of opening and closing any number of gate valves in certain areas of the distribution in order to maximize system flows through certain water pipes. Fire hydrants are connected to specialized equipment mounted on our trucks as water is flowed from a fire hydrant. The Water Department staff move from hydrant to hydrant in a scheduled sequence through the distribution system. There are approximately six separate areas we schedule to flush in this sequence. Flushing the water distribution system uses a great deal of water over this two to three week period. Water we just do not have to spare at this time.

If you experience dirty and/or discolored water, we recommend that you open as many cold water faucets as possible at the same time for about five or ten minutes. This will clean any dirty water you may have in your internal plumbing and/or in your outside water service line. This may vary for homes that are further from street. If you have a water filter, you may need to change this more frequently until we flush the system in the spring. If you have persistent dirty or discolored water, please call the water office during normal business hours so we can schedule a technician to visit your home.