Discolored Water Information Points

The Groton Water Department and Board of Water Commissioners would like to offer the following information with regard to possible periodic episodes of discolored water our customers may experience until the spring.

  • Due to the drought this year, we could not flush the water distribution system this fall to remove the iron and manganese common in our water source. The aquifer levels have improved slightly, but are not at a point where we could flush millions of gallons of water over a 10 or 12 day period in order to flush the system.
  • The discoloration in the water due to the higher concentrations of this iron and manganese is not harmful to your health. Though aesthetically displeasing; bathing, drinking or cooking with the water can still take place when this discoloration occurs.
  • If you experience discolored water, we recommend that you open a few cold water faucets at the same time for about five or ten minutes. This should help clean any dirty water you may have in your internal plumbing and/or in your outside water service line. The clearing time may vary for homes that are further from street. If you have a water filter, you may need to change this more frequently until we flush the system in the spring.
  • If flushing your cold water taps does not resolve the situation and the taps continue to appear dirty after an extended period of time, please call the water department office so we can schedule a technician to visit your home.
  • Should your problem continue after the normal business hours listed at the top of this page, please contact the public safety building non-emergency line at 978-448-5555. The dispatchers can contact a water technician on call to assist you with the situation.