Articles by Lauren Crory

Drought Update 9/9/20

Notice to all Groton Water Department Customers: Due to the on-going drought we are experiencing in our specific region of New England, We are experiencing a “Significant” to Severe” Drought leaving our aquifers are very low levels All lawn watering is prohibited either by special permit or otherwise at this

Emergency Water Ban

Water Ban Guidelines The Groton Water Department is issuing the following Emergency Water Ban for all outside lawn watering until further notice. “All irrigation systems and lawn watering must be turned off” The extremely dry May and June and heavy pumping in the 1st two weeks of June coupled with

Mandatory Water Conservation Program

NOTICE GROTON WATER DEPARTMENT Mandatory Water Conservation Program The Board of Water Commissioners voted on February 11th, 2020 to institute a Mandatory Odd/Even Water Conservation Program for this upcoming summer. We ask that every customer make the effort to comply with the Water Conservation Program. The Mandatory Water Conservation Program

Spring 2020 Water Main Flushing

NOTICE GROTON WATER DEPARTMENT SEASONAL WATER MAIN FLUSHING The Groton Water Department will begin its annual flushing of the water distribution system on Monday, April 6th thru Thursday, April 23rd, 2020. All water main flushing occurs during the daytime. We anticipate the flushing program will take approximately three weeks to

Water Filter at Town Hall

There has been a Manganese water filter installed in the Kitchen sink at the town hall (on the 1st floor). We welcome any residents concerned about our manganese levels to fill their own containers in the Kitchen. You can access the Kitchen during normal town hall business hours (Monday 8am-7pm,